When a haunting past – which has left a couple of dead bodies in its wake – becomes a too painful predictor of the future, Honey McGuinness moves to Skid Row. She hires on at the local Salvation Mission – serving food to the homeless. For a while, things go pretty good: No one seems to be getting hurt. Her world becomes small and anonymous – her only real friend a prose-spouting diffident drunk named Billy. But like it or not, things change. Bad things start to happen. Gentrification, crack, and crime get a stranglehold on the neighborhood. And, when her friend Billy dies in her arms from a hailstorm of bullets, and she discovers a tape-recording device strapped to his waist, her refuge is put in peril. Against her will, she is thrust right back into the slough. And, to sate the hunger for retribution that is gnawing in her gut, Honey will have to answer one fateful question: Is there any line she is unwilling to cross?

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