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Life is hard, love hurts, and the line between love and death is always shifting. Welcome to the twisted world of Honey McGuinness. In this second installment in the noir thriller series, Honey tries to escape the pain of a tormented past and an unrequited love by holing up in Pie Town, pop. 86. She settles in and starts to think maybe she's found a little shelter from the storm of her life. But she's wrong. Dead wrong.

Just Before the Dawn is a chilling and brutal tromp through the id of small town America, where nothing is what it appears to be. Beneath the façade of normalcy lurk secrets dark and unholy, and when Honey emerges from a long, self-imposed celibacy and goes on the prowl, she unwittingly unearths the terrifying truth. It's not long before she's entrapped in a lethal XXX-Rated nightmare of biblical proportions – filled with mind-bending psychedelics, drug-induced orgies, and psycho-killers. In the end the only question is: Will there be enough body bags to pick up the pieces?

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